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Converse Digital Colorization

Imagine if you had a pair of shoes that matched every single outfit. If you didn’t have to buy your favorite pair of shoes in a million different colors, you just buy one that could change colors?

Concept, Design, Copywriting, Strategy


Converse has developed the future of footwear, with the technology that allows you to customize your shoes at the tap of your fingers. Introducing Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star-DGTL, the first digital color changing shoes.

Converse has always been a brand that encourages individual personality. Allowing users to upload their custom designs to the shoe before ordering. The Converse Digital Colorization Mobile App takes this idea, but allows the user to change the design as many times they chose.


Using bluetooth technology, the user is able to connect their Chuck-DGTL to their phone and customize their shoe directly on the app. Their design is then uploaded to the shoe, where it will directly change colors.

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